Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back to the Future

I was watching a movie the other day that plays with the idea of time travelling. What could really happen if you were able to turn back time? A million dollar question, right? This is one thing we humans cannot do physically so we try to imagine how it would be. What would you do? Of course it could turn out to be life-changing because you know what mistakes you’ve done and what people you lost and if you had the ability to correct those actions or to prevent someone from dying, that would be the ultimate glory. By strange coincidence though, it could turn out that you went back and made similar choices and similar mistakes and you didn’t learn from either of them. Why so?

The answer to that question is easier than you think. It’s simply our human nature or human error if you like. Science has come very far in imitating human life and changing it to our benefits. We have eradicated deadly diseases and we have evolved in making technology a part of our lives and we have been able to take pictures of planets beyond the moon. But are we really “there” yet and do we want to be “there”?

My answer to these questions is - yes, we do want to be there. We want to go even further and beyond and sometimes never come back. We do want to turn back time over and over and bring that special person back even if it is only for 1 day. We want to make other choices, better choices, different choices. We want to see different places, different worlds, different views of these worlds and how they change our lives. Through the magic of fiction we are able to do all these things in only 1 hour. In fiction, these mind-blowing time travels really changes a man's life in a few minutes or even less. Our perception of time can disappear or be altered completely.

But what if time travelling could unveil one or two moments in our lives that we don't remember? Or maybe we don't really want to change anything. In most cases I believe, our lives the way we want it will come along anyway by way of our will and our dreams and hopes. My take on this as a writer is that these thoughts exist in the realm between fiction and reality and connects these two worlds even if we don't know it. Sometimes we're so busy pondering about our problems and possibilities or lack of thereof, that we don’t even recognize life when we see it.

And there I have another theme for another blog.

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